Calvary Ministerial Fellowship


If you are a minister desiring relationship or covering, there are 3 levels of involvement that are available:

1) ASSOCIATION – Pastors and Ministers who desire relationship and fellowship, without the covering or accountability from within this organization.
* This would place you on the mailing list with invitations to all events.
2) MEMBERSHIP – Pastor or Minister who desires personal covering and ordination/licensing from this organization.
* Yearly renewal of ministerial credentials.
* Notification and Invitation to all events.
* Access to future web site for shared resources.
* $ 5/month or $50 annual fee to cover costs.
3) CHURCH AFFILIATION – For a Church or Ministry that would desire covering and accountability. This would be provided for the pastor and the church.
* $10/month or $100 annual fee covers cost for all pastors and ministers within the congregation.
* All benefits as stated above.
* Ministry is brought under the covering of CMF and change must be reflected in ministry by-laws.