Calvary Ministerial Fellowship (CMF)
Overview & Involvement

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Mission Statement:  Calvary Ministerial Fellowship is an association of Ministers that foster relationships of connection, counsel and caring as we co-labor for Christ.

We believe in strong, self-governing local churches and ministries who partner with each other for the growth and edification of the body of Christ. While respectful of other ecclesiastical structures, we are a covenant relationship that offers flexibility and freedom.

What we do: We connect, credential, counsel, care and co-labor

The Purpose: 

  • For the guarding of our character

  • For the gearing of the church

  • For the glory of Christ

WE CREDENTIAL in two ways:

License Minister:  The first level of credential for those actively involved in ministry of teaching and preaching while pursuing educational qualifications. They would be on track for ordination at a future date. 

Ordained Minister: A fully recognized minister of the gospel able to preach, teach, administer and perform the functions of sacrament and ministry. Would require educational qualification and experience in ministry.

~ 3 Levels of Involvement ~

  • ASSOCIATION – Pastors and Ministers who desire relationship and fellowship, 
            without the covering or accountability from within this organization.
         * This would place you on the mailing list with invitations to all events.

  • MEMBERSHIP – Pastor or Minister who desires personal covering and    
             ordination/licensing from this organization.
          *  Yearly renewal of ministerial credentials.

           *  Notification and Invitation to all events.

           *  Access to future web site for shared resources.

           *  $ 5/month or $50 annual fee to cover costs.

  • CHURCH AFFILIATION – Church/Ministry that would desire covering and 
             accountability. This would be provided for the pastor and the church.

      *  $10/month or $100 annual fee covers cost for all pastors and 
           ministers within the congregation.

           *  All benefits as stated above.

           *  Ministry is brought under the covering of CCIWC and change is 
               reflected in by-laws.  

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